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Current Levels of Service

Effective July 1, 2001

Service Type Monthly 6 Months Yearly Billing
Access 9.99 49.99 99.99
E-Mail Only 60.00
We also offer Dedicated Lines.

  • Direct Internet Connection.
  • No Connect Time Charges.
  • Run Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, Mosaic and other Network Applications.
  • Access at up to 128Kbps (V.FC/V.90/ISDN)
  • 128K ISDN access is available + $20 per month.
  • News can be read via NNTP.
  • Dynamic IP address with Virtual IP addressing.
  • Static IP's Available + $10 per month.
  • Payment by VISA, MC, Discover, Amex, check or cash.
  • Mail can be read via IMAP, WebEmail or POP3.
  • One User per Account.
  • Family add-on must reside in the same household and is not separately billed.
  • * Monthly available only as an add on to existing account charged to the same account.
  • ** Billing/Invoicing applicable for monthly billed (not card) accounts.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions for access to Dayton Internet.
  • All Web accounts have a one-time $50 setup billed with the first month's charges.
  • The term "No Connect Charges" and similar statements do not imply dedicated service.
  • Account must be in use while dialed in. Idle lines are subject to disconnection.

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