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How The WWW (Web) Works

The WWW (World Wide Web) is the modern computer method of finding information. It is modern because most of the information is in a combination of pictures and words. Most computers that run Windows and Apple Mac computers are capable of displaying Web images.

Each location on the Web is called a site. Sites are named so that it is easier for you to find them with your computer. Each site is composed of one or many pages of information. The page is placed on the site computer somewhere in the world and it "serves" the page to your computer when you request the information. When you request a page, your information flows as numbers to the internet then finds the site that has that number. Sort of like a telephone call by the number instead of the name of the person called.

The information then is sent to your computer and displayed. Once it is displayed, you are disconnect from that page. The speed of that sending is due to many factors, mostly the speed of the connection of the site to the internet.

Each page can have many links or connections to other information. Those links are mouse clickable and when you click on them, you computer again sends a request to the internet to contact that site and obtain the named page from that computer.

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