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Note: go to with username = emailaddress and password and click on "Configure Mail Client" for all email settings.

Setup information to fetch email from our servers.

  • The name of the pop3 or imap incoming email server is and the outgoing email server is
  • Your username is your entire email address.
  • You can use pop3, imap, webmail. Imap defaults to leaving the email on the server.
  • You can use secure conections pop3s and imaps.
  • You need to use 'My server requires authentication' - you have to set it up with your username and pwd.
  • Open your email process (Outlook)
  • Click on tools; Options; Mail Setup; E-mail Accounts
  • Select Add a new email account click next
  • Select Imap if you want to leave emails on the server so you can get them from different locations, or pop3 if you do not want to leave the emails on the server. Click next.
  • Fill out the user, server and logon information; click next
  • Click Finish.
  • Open your email process ( Outlook Express or Windows Live mail)
  • Click on tools; accounts; mail; add; Mail
  • Enter your name - click next
  • Enter your email address - click next
  • Select imap or pop3 and enter the server names - click next
  • Enter your User Name (account name) and password, check remember password if you wish.
  • Under Outgoing Mail server Check 'My server requires authentication' - click settings.
  • In Outgoing Mail Server check 'Log on using' and enter your username (Account name) only and your password. Click OK
  • Click Apply then OK if they are clickable.
  • Click Finish

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