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Steps for setting up a dialer in Windows

double click on ‘my computer’ icon

double click on ‘dial-up networking’ (If no ICON, follow the procedure below for installing Dial-Up-Networking.)

double click on ‘make a new connection’

‘make a new connection’ will ask you to name the computer you are dialing...type in ‘dayton net’...all lowercase

click next

type in area code 937 and phone # 223-5191

click ‘finish’

To use the dialer, double click on the icon ‘dayton net’ and enter your username and yourpassword and then click "connect".


If you want the icon to appear on the desktop, click once with the right side of the mouse on the ‘’ icon you created and click once on ‘create a shortcut’. It will ask you if you want the icon on the desktop. Click yes. Windows will create a copy of the icon on your desktop.


Steps for installing Dial-Up Networking on Windows

Make sure you have the CD ROM for the version of Windows on your computer before you start this procedure.

double click on ‘my computer’ icon

double click on ‘Control Panel'

double click on ‘Add-Remove Programs'

click on the 'Windows Setup' tab

Make sure the box is checked next to Communications then double click on 'Communications'

click in the box next to 'Dial-Up Networking' to make it checked

click ‘OK’

click ‘OK’ again

A window will appear asking you for the location of the files for the dial up networking software. It will suggest the floppy disk or the CD from where Windows was originally installed. You will need to follow the instructions for inserting your CD or floppy that contains the software for dial up networking.

Once Windows copies the software onto your computer, you will be instructed to reboot your machine. Follow the instructions as they come up.

Once rebooted, the dial up networking icon will appear in the "My Computer" folder.

You can proceed with the installation of the dial up networking information to make the connections to Dayton Internet Services.

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